2013 Review and Update

The Pin- Adams Street Activation- Taylor Street- The Proposed Interstate 11- Hance Park Re-Development- Urban Gas Stations- Central Station RFP-

Progress is rarely visible in the moment but can only be seen from a long perspective. I moved back to Phoenix after being away for two years and was amazed at the changes that took place. Now looking back on the events and topics I wrote about in 2013, I think that progress has continued. Thank you for letting me add my opinions and suggestions to the great mix of voices in this community. Below is a quick update and some potential 2014 conversations.

 The Pin-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/phoenix-and-the-pin/

Well, let us hope that the hype around this thing has faded. Very little has been heard from ‘The Pin’ or ‘The Toilet Brush’ or ‘The Water-Tower’ since this spring. Hopefully, with the pre-Superbowl construction window closed, and a new council formed, it will stay only a dream.

Moving the discussion to my semi satirical South Mountain comments. I am enthusiastically supportive of the South-central light rail extension, and I feel that the city’s prioritization of this alignment points to a positive change the transportation mindset. However, the proposed line termination at Baseline instead of the park, needs to be properly addressed. While from a federal funding standpoint the Baseline terminal makes sense, having public transportation access into one of the world largest urban parks makes great social and economic development sense. There is a need for private investment to help fund this missing section, and I hope the city starts looking for proposals over the next two years to accelerate that process.

 Adams Street Activation-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/adams-street-canyon/

With the Gensler study complete and no pedestrian mall anywhere in sight, I can say that I’m in full support of the proposal. http://www.downtownphoenixjournal.com/tag/gensler/

Also as some of you who where at the Project Rising ( http://www.projectrisingphx.org/Home.html ) preliminary proposal presentation know, my suggestions for the Central and Adams lot has grown by about 16 stories. I look forward to seeing how this project progresses over the next few months. I will update here when appropriate.

 Taylor Street-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/taylor-street/

The big update on Taylor Street is the Law School. Wether you like how it interacts with the street or not, this is likely what we will get. http://bizj.us/tukex/i/1

There is also a rumor that The Arizona Center maybe making minor changes to it’s Taylor Street entrance. It would be nice if they presented some of their plans to the community so that some suggestions to improve connectivity could be put forth.

 The Proposed Interstate 11-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/the-proposed-interstate-11-phoenix-and-the-amalgamation/

All of the alignments ADOT is moving forward on include the Hassayampa freeway. http://i11study.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2013-10-SP-Round-3-Meeting-Summary-v3.pdf

During the October meeting I asked if an overall capacity study was conducted looking at the entire load capacity of the long term regional plan. The answer was ‘No’ they only looked at individual routes in isolation. I also asked how the Hassayampa alignment was conducive to possible intercity rail. I was told ‘It is not.’  No duh… Yet ADOT is still trying to sell this as a multi modal corridor connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas.

I was glad to see this recent set of articles by The Arizona Republic regarding the need to re-think Grand Ave, and am interested to see what suggestions are made by the Compass study.




Hance Park Re-Development-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/comments-and-concerns-over-the-hance-park-deck-park-redevelopment/

I need to say very little on this topic. I feel the design team took many of the communities suggestions (which also overlapped with my own) and created an exciting plan for the park. Now my major concern is Funding!!!

Come see the final design https://www.facebook.com/events/658407897503845/

 Urban Gas Stations-

Original Post- https://phxdowntown.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/urban-gas-stations-we-need-a-long-term-strategy/

Well!!! What do I say on this one. I applaud the community organizations who joined together in an attempt to force some urban design principals onto the 7th st. and Roosevelt Circle K proposal. I also applaud those organizations and individuals who plan to continue this fight on appeal. I guarantee that Circle K is looking at the other two downtown locations, so we need to make sure that the Urban Form code and organizations are prepared.

 Central Station RFP- Two Parts

Original Posts-



The City issued this RFP on December 24th. It was crafted in such a way as to try and protect the current transit center functions only. While I never expected to change the city’s position on this mater, I do believe the post sparked some discussion, which is always my primary intent. I suspect that the interested party who originally approached the city will likely be chosen, given the extra months they have had to prepare for this short RFP window. However, I look forward to seeing what the end product will be, and I personally hope for Transit oriented housing on a large scale.


Thank you again to everyone who made comments or gave suggestions on any of these posts.

Welcome to 2014 PHX Downtown

Jeffery is a native Phoenix area resident and lives in the Downtown Evans Churchill neighborhood. He has a Masters in Globalization and Development from The University of Sussex – Institute of Development Studies and a Political Science B.A. From A.S.U. He currently works as a Project Manager for a Phoenix based small business. All opinions are strictly his own. All rights on written and creative ideas are reserved



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