Adams Street Canyon

With the upcoming Phoenix public forums ‘Charrettes’ on pedestrianizing and re-developing Adams street between 2nd and Central on April 23rd and 24th, I figured I should get some of my thoughts written out. Here are a few quick ideas I had while walking through the space this week.

  1. Create a Shared Space design from the curb of the Convention center to the West side of central. Shared space design is the use of paving material in different colors, textures, and gradual gradient changes to indicate traditional pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile right-of-ways. This still allows for local auto access to businesses and hotels, but tells drivers that the pedestrian has the right of way. I’m partial to this one near my former flat in Brighton. (See Picture #1)
  2. Extend the roof line of the ‘Shard’ like structure protruding from the convention center all the way to 1st street keeping the off camber slope frame design. This is to provide shade, pedestrian scale and design connectivity. (See Picture #2)
  3. Create small retail, single story shops along the blank north hotel wall between 2nd and 1st streets. Infill the S.E. corner of Central and Adams with short front (East to West) but deep length (North to South) 2 story Retail/Restaurant space.
  4. Use canvas and fabric shade structures from 1st street down to central gradually rising in height as they cross Central and the Light Rail. Similar structures are used to shade pedestrian streets in Madrid. (See Picture #3)
  5. Overall design characteristics should invoke a slot or side canyon feeding off of the Convention centers ‘Grand Canyon’ inspired design. Let it be narrow at 2nd street and open up gradually. Tapered and undulating surfaces could be designed towards functional increase of air circulation like in canyons and many Mediterranean villages. (See Pictures #4,5)

There are so many possible ideas and concerns involved with this project. I hope some of my thoughts help stimulate your own.

Picture 1Picture #2Picture #3

Picture #1 Brighton, UK                                   Picture #2 ‘Shard’@ Adams              Picture #3 Madrid

DSC02165Picture #4

Picture #4 Asilah                                           Picture #5 Canyon

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.50.03 PM

Jeffery is a native Phoenix area resident and lives in the Downtown Evans Churchill neighborhood. He has a Masters in Globalization and Development from The University of Sussex – Institute of Development Studies and a Political Science B.A. From A.S.U. He currently works as a Project Manager for a Phoenix based small business. All opinions are strictly his own. All rights on written and creative ideas are reserved. Pictures 1,3,5- Are not the Authors nor does he clam any creative right to them.


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